12.Nov.2010 Reviving the Top Five (11/12/2010)

Back at the University of Vermont (UVM.edu) I posted my top 5 songs every week on what is probably the closest precursor to this site that there ever was (something like http://bsad.uvm.edu/jthibaul which was created with Microsoft Frontpage; thank goodness UVM taught me something useful in technology…NOT).

Anyway, a friend suggested I revive it.  So here goes (thanks, Tyler).

Top 5 songs (that I’m currently digging):

  1. Kings of Leon – Radioactive (from my current favorite album)
  2. The Roots – Right On feat. Joanna Newsome, STS
  3. Post Human Era – Building the Machine (found this one yesterday)
  4. Atomic Tom – Take Me Out
  5. Phantogram – Mouth Full of Diamonds

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