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12.Nov.2014 #DALMOOC my favorite resource so far

Only 6 minutes but about sums up the entirety of educational and learning analytics and the considerations of an individual through institution.

08.Apr.2013 We’ve come a long way baby…

25.Aug.2011 StraighterLine in the News

Nearly two years since I sent off the offer to mop the floors…

17.Aug.2010 Quote – The Red Herring Crusade against For-Profit Colleges

our aim is not to defend the questionable practices of for-profit colleges, but rather to draw attention to the fact that colleges of every stripe are soaking up tons of societal resources and saddling students with excessive debt loads in the face of dubious job prospects. “The Red Herring Crusade Against For-Profit Colleges” by Daniel […]

29.Jul.2010 Nice Design – Moxsie

I ordered a pair of shoes on the cheap from and just received them.  Check out the awesome packaging (this is right out of the exterior shipping box): And a coupon?!  Impressive or excessive, at least it looks nice.  They also had great, responsive customer service and free shipping.  (The shoes are nice too.)

11.Jun.2010 Video – SL coverage in Tampa

02.Jun.2010 When is it ok…

When is it ok to tell a customer to “take a chill pill”?

26.May.2010 Quote – Muhammad Yunus

Mr. Yunus states. “When we were in the caves we were all self-employed … finding our food, feeding ourselves. That’s where the human history began … As civilization came we suppressed it. We became labor because [they] stamped us, ‘You are labor.’ We forgot that we are entrepreneurs.” From The Little Big Things, by Tom […]

30.Apr.2010 Quote – Tom Peters

people first, people second, people third, people ad infinitum That’s the way I like to do business. From The Little Big Things by Tom Peters

11.Apr.2010 Ruminations – Democracy

Could our fore-fathers have actually created the best business model when they created democracy as we know it? Case in point: