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29.Jul.2010 Nice Design – Moxsie

I ordered a pair of shoes on the cheap from and just received them.  Check out the awesome packaging (this is right out of the exterior shipping box): And a coupon?!  Impressive or excessive, at least it looks nice.  They also had great, responsive customer service and free shipping.  (The shoes are nice too.)

02.Jun.2010 When is it ok…

When is it ok to tell a customer to “take a chill pill”?

30.Apr.2010 Quote – Tom Peters

people first, people second, people third, people ad infinitum That’s the way I like to do business. From The Little Big Things by Tom Peters

30.Nov.2009 What I do as a non-programmer

A few weeks ago Spencer Fry (Carbonmade) posted a nice article about what he does as a non-technical/non-programmer employee/executive at a web-based company. I had already been playing around with a post discussing the same (his is very good) but it inadvertently fell to the wayside while I was…well…doing those things I wrote on my […]

30.Oct.2009 The best customer is a DIYer

If you work in customer service in a web-based company, the best type of customer you can ask for is a “do it yourself-er”, that shares their discoveries.  Why?  For a few reasons: The best characteristic of a DIYer is that they’re usually tech savvy.  They’re using your site not because they’ve been forced to […]