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12.Nov.2014 #DALMOOC my favorite resource so far

Only 6 minutes but about sums up the entirety of educational and learning analytics and the considerations of an individual through institution.

11.Nov.2014 #DALMOOC Definition of Learning Analytics

Competency 1.2: Define learning analytics and detail types of insight they can provide to educators and learners. If you’ve been tuned in but I’ve been absent, my apologies for the series of posts coming up which all pertain to the Data, Analytics, and Learning MOOC which is being run out of UTx October through […]

08.Apr.2013 We’ve come a long way baby…

18.Apr.2012 Why I want to be a VIP BbWorld blogger: @Blackboard wants me to cover #BbW12 (they just don’t know it yet)

I started blogging about Moodle back in 2009 and have continued at which is now getting somewhere around 50,000 views a month.  I know all there is about Moodle.  In addition, I’ve also been using Blackboard Learn since early 2010 in my daily work at StraighterLine and we use the latest and greatest that […]

25.Aug.2011 StraighterLine in the News

Nearly two years since I sent off the offer to mop the floors…

28.Jan.2011 @p2pu WordPress Development Course: Assignment 1

I signed up for the P2PU WordPress Development course to challenge myself in design and getting a little handle on php, WordPress development and other stuff like theming (thought it might help with my work at and beyond).  Assignment 1 was to create a blog for a potential photographer client (in short order). So […]

22.Sep.2010 Quote – Michael O’Hare, A letter to my students

you have every reason (except a good one) to keep what you can for yourselves Michael O’Hare, A letter to my students

26.Aug.2010 “Superman is not real”

“One of the saddest days of my life was when my mother told me Superman did not exist,” Canada says in the film. “I read comic books and I just loved ’em …’cause even in the depths of the ghetto you just thought, ‘He’s coming, I just don’t know when, because he always shows up […]

24.Aug.2010 Quote – College Dropout Factories

As a result, without much thought, we’ve applied a binary mindset to education: elementary and secondary students are children; if they fail, it’s the fault of the schools. College students are adults; if they fail, it’s the fault of the students. Ben Miller and Phuong Ly from the Washington Monthly article “College Dropout Factories”

17.Aug.2010 Quote – The Red Herring Crusade against For-Profit Colleges

our aim is not to defend the questionable practices of for-profit colleges, but rather to draw attention to the fact that colleges of every stripe are soaking up tons of societal resources and saddling students with excessive debt loads in the face of dubious job prospects. “The Red Herring Crusade Against For-Profit Colleges” by Daniel […]