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23.Sep.2010 Quote – “I am not praising China…”

I am not praising China because I want to emulate their system. I am praising it because I am worried about my system. In deliberately spotlighting China’s impressive growth engine, I am hoping to light a spark under America. Thomas Friedman, Too Many Hamburgers? in the NYTimes

24.Feb.2010 Welcome to

A few months ago (Sept 09, “All you can learn for 99 bucks a month”) I wrote about after reading about them in the Washington Monthly.  I was floored by the concept (floored=positive).  It was everything I thought about higher education rolled up into a company.  A working, growing business.  On a whim, I […]

28.Oct.2009 A little Internet background history

The LA Times had a great piece about the formation of the Internet (the one Al Gore built, that is, the DARPA funded initiative).  Tomorrow, October 29th, 2009 the Internet turns 40 (my how it’s matured in the last few years).  The article is a quick and easy read about how a few (much younger […]

13.Oct.2009 I don't hate Tim Tebow

I’ve often said I hated Tim Tebow.  I really don’t. It’s just that he’s too good.  When he took that hit against Kentucky I was initially happy (not that he was suffering from a concussion) that he might not be the only person college football analysts talked about the following week.  But, I’m wrong. I […]

22.Sep.2009 Quote – Jay Keasling

“We have got to the point in human history where we simply do not have to accept what nature has given us” – Jay Keasling C.E.O. of the Department of Energy’s new Joint BioEnergy Institute (from The New Yorker Magazine article “A Life of It’s Own” by Michael Specter) In regards to the manufacturing of […]

03.Sep.2009 All you can learn for $99 a month

Buffet-style education?  Heck yeah.  The company is probably one you’ve never heard of (I hadn’t) but I already see it’s value and foundation: efficiency + quality + freedom = a better way for motivated learners to get degrees.  The company is StraigtherLine (based in DC) and it provides a carte blanche approach to education for […]

30.Aug.2009 Craigslist for all mankind.

Newly Ancient (a web idol of mine) posted recently about a WIRED article concerned with Craigslist. I tried to comment over there but it seems the form is not working properly. Here’s Morgante’s original post: Wired has published an in-depth article about Craigslist that exposes the peculiar personality of the site, and its founder. I […]

25.Aug.2009 Rhee's new plan: "D.C. Public Schools Teaching and Learning Framework"

I’m a big fan of the reforms happening in DC.  I like it for a lot of reasons (it’s cutting edge, it’s gutsy, it’s far reaching implications, etc.) but mostly because Michelle Rhee has vision (and the cajones) to bring her ideas to fruition. The Wapo recently wrote an article about how Rhee expects to […]

06.Aug.2009 Think outside of the Mailbox

Ok, so the USPS is failing with a deficit of about 7 billion dollars according to the Times.  That’s on a total budget of around 70-80 billion (estimating based on a article with data from 2002).  It could be way more but the data isn’t easy to track down/root out. That being said, the […]

28.Jul.2009 Education costs trending towards zero

There’s a lot of talk about how the cost of education is decreasing year over year because of the advances in technology. Free courses, free text books, free content available from the most prestigious universities in the world, all online, accessible all the time to anyone anywhere. Josh Catone of Mashable wrote a quick article […]