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16.Jan.2017 Lo Moon – Loveless


13.Aug.2015 S.O.B.

03.Oct.2013 Deltron 3030’s epic return: Event II

07.Sep.2013 Thriller

Lego Thriller by Annette Jung from Talking Animals on Vimeo.

20.Aug.2013 If this was electric…

it’d be on my wishlist. Media link:

02.Aug.2013 A Haiku

Back to the future Such an awesome trilogy Wish they could make more

10.May.2013 Caution: Adult Language and Gruesome Violence (and awesomeness)

03.May.2013 Dear Santa, it’s only may but…

10.Apr.2013 Oatmeal Superhero

Could be a great comic book superhero…

07.Apr.2013 ASAP

ASAP I want an electric car.  Especially if it has 350 horses pulling me down the highway. Detroit Electric: