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02.Aug.2013 A Haiku

Back to the future Such an awesome trilogy Wish they could make more

27.Mar.2013 Ohh Say Can You See

02.Jun.2010 When is it ok…

When is it ok to tell a customer to “take a chill pill”?

11.Apr.2010 Ruminations – Democracy

Could our fore-fathers have actually created the best business model when they created democracy as we know it? Case in point:

28.Jan.2010 How Apple Effed up the iPad unveiling

Yeah, the iPad looks cool.  It’s “new” and “cutting edge” and “beautiful”.  But the product launch could have been better, and Steve, in all of his holiness dropped the ball.  Here’s why: During the unveiling lots of sites ran live blogs and some (Huffington Post) even live streamed Job’s presentation to the masses (probably using […]

09.Jan.2010 Ruminations – Fiction

I haven’t done any creative writing since freshman year in college.  It’s been too long.

06.Jan.2010 Ruminations – youth

Sometimes when you’re young you can’t afford to be safe. 100th post!