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20.Aug.2013 If this was electric…

it’d be on my wishlist. Media link:

07.Apr.2013 ASAP

ASAP I want an electric car.  Especially if it has 350 horses pulling me down the highway. Detroit Electric:        

11.May.2012 Introducing the BEST. HELMET. EVER.

18.Apr.2012 Why I want to be a VIP BbWorld blogger: @Blackboard wants me to cover #BbW12 (they just don’t know it yet)

I started blogging about Moodle back in 2009 and have continued at which is now getting somewhere around 50,000 views a month.  I know all there is about Moodle.  In addition, I’ve also been using Blackboard Learn since early 2010 in my daily work at StraighterLine and we use the latest and greatest that […]

29.Sep.2010 One for the road, please

17.Sep.2010 Jesse Schell: Visions of the Gamepocolypse

One of the funniest and most engaging/interesting lectures I’ve ever watched/listened to.  Seriously worth the full 2 hours. It’s also full of great quotes and insights.  One of my favorites is, So let me explain social networking, it’s a fancy term that means: Facebook.

20.Aug.2010 SF Halloween 2009

Believe it or not I set a personal record running a half marathon the next morning (unfortunately I was not in costume)

31.Jul.2010 Quote – Ray Kurzweil

From The Singularity is Near, Still Human? Some observers refer to the post-Singularity period as “posthuman” and refer to the anticipation of this period as posthumanism.  However, to me being human means being part of a civilization that seeks to extend its boundaries.  We are already reaching beyond our biology by rapidly gaining the tools […]

28.Jun.2010 Technology, the US and soccer #kmdp2puDJ

If you were cheering or blowing your vuvuzela for a native English speaking team this world cup, odds are you believe the refs screwed you, your team, and your World Cup championship aspirations.  Goals for both the American and UK players were withheld, while the ESPN and ABC commentators added their own razzle dazzle special […]

17.Jun.2010 Lose your career? Here’s a voucher!

Caught this from one of my favorite sites: “Colleges not training students to growing fields“.  It’s interesting to me because on NPR this morning (DC) there was a guy talking about the lose of jobs due to computers vs. the oil rig fiasco in the Gulf. Either way, he proposed, out of work American’s should […]