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18.Apr.2012 Why I want to be a VIP BbWorld blogger: @Blackboard wants me to cover #BbW12 (they just don’t know it yet)

I started blogging about Moodle back in 2009 and have continued at which is now getting somewhere around 50,000 views a month.  I know all there is about Moodle.  In addition, I’ve also been using Blackboard Learn since early 2010 in my daily work at StraighterLine and we use the latest and greatest that […]

27.Feb.2010 Traffic. Get some.

I started late November 2009.  I thought of it while I was running (there are many benefits to a solo jog). While working for I was collecting a vast repository of information (and tracking new information) on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, a huge majority of topics, sources and subjects were unusable (after all, […]

28.Jan.2010 Quote – Vt School IT Administrator

Found this in a old email string (which was forwarded to me): Contact Joseph. He’s the moodle Guru in the state. I am a guru.

31.Dec.2009 Stuck on OER (and somehow quotable)

One of the things on my bucket list is to be referred to (some day) as an expert.  You know, like those quacks on FoxNews in the split screen with the green screened cityscapes behind them.  For some reason that seems glamorous to me. Getting quoted by a reputable blogger/educator only helps me take the […]

30.Dec.2008 Seeing yourself on the web

I’m not that old and I’m not famous.  So to see a video or post I did on the web on someone else’s site is a new sensation.  I stumbled across the today and found one of my posts quoted and a video I created on youtube when I first started working with Moodle […]

Sweet Moodle themes

Here’s a site with some seemingly great, free themes for Moodle.  Looks like there are all sorts that could help a school, or even a specific course add a new dimension of design to learning. My favorite is Binary Waves (simple, sleek and not overly distracting).

19.Dec.2008 25 free Moodle quiz questions (GIFT Format)

Every few posts I’ll be providing information about Moodle.  Today find some (25) free questions all focused on Moodle.  The questions are written in GIFT format andthe zip includes the pictures that correspond to a few of the questions.  All the files you need to post this to your own Moodle site or classroom are […]

10.Dec.2008 First Moodle Post: Groupings – MoodleDocs

Moodle: why must you be so difficult?  Why is the most usable and affordable LMS so fraught with difficulties and nuances that the lay-teacher is unable to utilize you to the fullest?   I find it strange that a whole position could be created due to the complexity of something that’s supposed to make teachers […]