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20.Aug.2010 SF Halloween 2009

Believe it or not I set a personal record running a half marathon the next morning (unfortunately I was not in costume)

14.Jun.2010 Quote – “In the Singularity University, Humans are so yesterday”

Dr. Barry, a former astronaut and “Survivor” contestant with an M.D. and a Ph. D., has put his ideas into action. He has a robot at home that can take a pizza from the delivery person, pay for it and carry it into the kitchen. “You have the robot say, ‘Take the 20 and leave […]

07.Jun.2010 Video – Optimus Prime and the Evolution of Dance


19.Mar.2010 “I’m here” by Spike Jonze

Sponsored by Absolut Vodka, “I’m here” is a short movie about…uh…robot hipster love. Great soundtrack (to be expected from Spike) and a few good laughs and touching parts. I thought the film was a pretty endearing retelling of the classic robot-boy meets robot-girl (plus a bit of tragedy). Give it a watch (it’s about 25 […]

16.Feb.2010 I’ll be saving my pennies all year for this

06.Feb.2010 More than meets the eye

My awesome wife found this: Pretty certain it’s from

01.Dec.2009 Thriller bot

You might ask “why?”  Why not?

27.Jul.2009 OMGROBOTS

NYTimes published a recent article that all but predicts the end of days, as brought by the metal/plastic hands of robots.  Nice. The researchers…generally discounted the possibility of highly centralized superintelligences and the idea that intelligence might spring spontaneously from the Internet. But they agreed that robots that can kill autonomously are either already here […]

10.Jul.2009 I am a robot

Get Your Cyborg Name

08.Jul.2009 Nixing the daily commute

I work from home, so commuting is not that difficult for me.  I usually only make one stop (the bathroom) on my long commute from bed to desk.  It’s a tough life sure.  But I’ve been working on ways to shorten the commute (it’s all about desk location).  On another note, not having any commute […]