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16.Jan.2017 Lo Moon – Loveless


18.Nov.2016 Beastie Boys + Daft Punk

Daft Science by Coins

13.Aug.2015 S.O.B.

09.Dec.2014 Cary Ann Hearst – Gasoline

And if you dig that, check out Shovels & Rope

12.Nov.2014 #DALMOOC my favorite resource so far

Only 6 minutes but about sums up the entirety of educational and learning analytics and the considerations of an individual through institution.

11.Nov.2014 #DALMOOC Definition of Learning Analytics

Competency 1.2: Define learning analytics and detail types of insight they can provide to educators and learners. If you’ve been tuned in but I’ve been absent, my apologies for the series of posts coming up which all pertain to the Data, Analytics, and Learning MOOC which is being run out of UTx October through […]

14.Oct.2013 It’s okay, Tom.

03.Oct.2013 Deltron 3030’s epic return: Event II

25.Sep.2013 Listen: Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull

07.Sep.2013 Thriller

Lego Thriller by Annette Jung from Talking Animals on Vimeo.