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01.Oct.2012 2 and 2

They are doing a bit better than my fantasy teams, and for that I am thankful. Go Wilfork and go Pats!

13.Mar.2011 Joe’s Sunday Boot Camp week 1

58 and sunny in Silver Spring today.  I had to take advantage of a lazy Sunday and put it to good use. After some quick research on the net (@ Runner’s World reading up on how to get a little faster and stronger in the newest Men’s Health (nice article about Howard Schultz at the end) […]

03.Dec.2010 run fatboy, run

I ran a marathon.  Faster than I ever imagined. Probably helps that I started jettisoning the extra weight I was carrying around starting this past July.  In any event, running this 2nd marathon was a lot of fun and I owe a lot of thank yous. Thank you to: Molly: for cheering me at mile […]

12.Oct.2010 Quote – Michael Pollan

That such a diet makes people sick and fat we have known for a long time.  Early in the twentieth century, an intrepid group of doctors and medical workers stationed overseas observed that wherever in the world people gave up their traditional way of eating and adopted the Western diet, there soon followed a predictable […]

17.Sep.2010 This just in…

I eat a ton of oatmeal. Yum. And apparently oatmeal was created by Ben Franklin. I did not know that.  Where are your glasses, Ben?

10.Sep.2010 See you in November.

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This is how food labels should be

From supermarkets in the UK (and Sukhwant Lota’s Posterous).  Honestly seems more relevant/useful than the color coded Terrorist threat level. Maybe it should include warnings like on cigarettes as well: Warning: eating this product contributes to a higher risk of heart disease, type two diabetes and may make you fat.

06.Sep.2010 Drink this, not that.

“Eat this, not that” is a recent guilty pleasure.  Reading the name and discovering the stats of those entrees and meals at the pinnacle of the obesity epidemic is similar to rubber-necking a car accident.  After all, what’s not to love about White Castle’s “Surf and Turf Sliders” which feature both a fried fish patty […]