10.Dec.2010 Top Five (12/10/10)

You know you want it.

  1. Kanye – Dark Fantasy
  2. White Buffalo – Damned
  3. Frank Turner – I Still Believe (this is Molly’s pick…you’ll dig it)
  4. Jimmy Eat World – Here it Goes
  5. The Roots feat. John Legend – The Fire

Kanye’s new album is seriously awesome; not sure if there isn’t  a song I don’t love (douche?  yes; brilliant artist? yes).  Kenny found this one and it’s awesome; in his words, Eddie Vedder-ish (I agree).  Molly found the Frank Turner song, it’s punky, UK hipster music with tattoos.  4. is an old Jimmy Eat World song, I just found it a few weeks ago and it’s risen to a current fav.  How can you have a top five without the Roots (first ever concert when I was 16 btw).

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